Rx Jot helps you crush pre-auth insurance in seconds

Demonstrate medical necessity for claims, appeals, and P2P reviews backed by NCCN guidelines and FDA indications

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Rx Jot immediately finds you up-to-date intervention info

State of the art AI quickly returns treatment information to help you deliver precise treatments for the patient

Rx Jot is an AI-driven platform that helps you build documentation for insurance and query for medical interventions.


Security First

We are HIPAA-compliant and we take additional steps to secure protected health information (PHI).


Knowledgeable AI

We give the AI applicable NCCN guidelines and FDA indications that are accurate to the day. Our design minimizes hallucinations and maximizes explainability.


Scalable Automation

With results in seconds, healthcare professionals save time across dozens of patients everyday. Furthermore, this solution scales easily for everyone working in your system.


Medicine is hard. Rx Jot works for you.

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